Graham McLeish

Welcome to our Home Page!

My name is Graham, and I have 3 passions – Valuations, Financial Modelling and Coaching You!


You may be interested in Buying a Business but have no idea how much its worth… Or you may wish to Sell your Business, and need some help in coming up with the Asking Price? And what would be the Value of your Shares in this Business?

Perhaps you rather want to Value the Individual Assets within this Business? Things like Property, Plant & Equipment, Goodwill, Brand Names, Information Technology, Investments, Share Options, Long-Term Loans, and so on.

We love to Value Everything and Anything – and have years of experience in doing so!

Financial Modelling

But suppose your needs are more Strategic, however. You want to understand the difference between building a Solar Power Plant in Zambia versus Buying Coal from China? What Tariff should you be charging? Should you Borrow Funds from a Bank or Issue more Shares? And when your Project does become Profitable, what should you do with the Proceeds? Pay Dividends, Repay the Bank or perhaps Invest in Australia?

Our Financial Models, which we tailor to your specific needs, can assist you with these questions!


With years of Lecturing Experience at both a Prominent University and a Big Four Accounting Firm, I have a personal interest in teaching and helping others upskill themselves in the field of Valuations.

We have developed, and continue to develop, Standard Modules which can be combined into a Course or Seminar depending on your own Learning and Development needs. If there are any other special topics that are of interest to you, we would also be delighted to help you develop these!

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