Depending on your specific needs, we provide the following:

  • Valuation Reports
  • Financial Models
  • Coaching Modules

Listed below are our popular topics. For any other request you may have, however, please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Financial Modelling

Capital Allocation

Capital allocation is the process of Sourcing an appropriate mix of Capital (funds) and then optimally Deploying this Capital across a universe of Investments.

Value can only be generated when the Return on Investment exceeds the Cost of Capital.

Our Capital Allocation Model is ideally placed to assist your business with the dynamic, and optimal, allocation of its capital.

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Strategic Forecasting

It is so important for a Business to understand how each key strategic decision impacts its future Balance Sheets, Income Statements and Cash Flows.

To assist you with your Strategic Forecasting needs, we construct, and deliver to you, Financial Models that are Relevant, Input-Driven, Dynamic and Friendly.

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Project Finance

Large Capital Projects require significant cash flows over a long period of time. If these cash flows are not carefully monitored, it is impossible to assess the feasibility or profitability of a project.

Our Project Finance Models are both dynamic and can be tailored to your specific needs.

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Model Reviews

For regulatory or independence purposes, Financial Models may need to be “audited” or reviewed.

Our detailed reviews include Model Integrity, Accuracy of Assumptions, and Compliance with Accounting and Tax Regulations.

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Business Valuations

Understanding the Value of the Business is so important in every single M&A transaction. In fact, most valuations depend on the Value of the Business to some extent.

Business Valuations are highly technical but also require professional judgment. We have significant experience in Business Valuations, ranging across a variety of industries and regions.

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Financial Instruments

Financial instruments are all around us and are certainly not only limited to large financial institutions.

We have valued a variety of financial instruments over the years, and are able to assist you with your specific challenges.

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Purchase Price Allocations (PPAs)

When a Business is Bought, the Buyer is expected to allocate the Purchase Price across all the Assets of the Target. Some of these Assets may already exist, and others may need to be identified and valued.

The process is complicated and involves understanding what exactly has been Bought and how much was Paid for this.

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Impairment Tests

The Values of Assets need to be tested from time to time to ensure that there is nothing wrong with Past Valuations.

Accounting standards provide some guidance on the process to be followed, but a strong appreciation of Valuations is also needed.

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Intangible Assets

Often collectively described as the Goodwill of a Business, these include Brand Names, Customer Relationships, Information Technology and a whole range of Contractual Assets.

The valuation of Intangible Assets can be a tricky, subjective exercise. With our vast experience, we can assist you in this regard.

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Real Estate (Property)

The valuation of Real Estate, or Property, is an intriguing exercise, and there are a number of ways to look at this.

Residential, Commercial and Industrial Property have different nuances and we need to consider the correct valuation approach, or mix of approaches, for each.

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Plant and Machinery

Very little thought is ever given to the fair value of Plant & Machinery beyond some arbitrary depreciation policy.

There are many ways to “skin the cat” and our experience in the valuation of this critical fixed asset class is substantial.

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Employee Share Option Plans (ESOP's)

Employer Share Option Plans (“ESOPs”) are an excellent way to incentivise staff members.

The Accounting and Valuation considerations, however, can be a nightmare. With our vast experience, we can make the process much easier for you.

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Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE)

B-BBEE Schemes are popular in South Africa in allowing previously disadvantaged individuals to meaningfully participate in the economy.

We have vast experience in both the valuation of B-BBEE Schemes, and the complicated methodologies typically used in this regard.

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